New Construction Rebate Program





Interested in buying a new construction home in Illinois? What about a cash back rebate to help with closing costs?


Let Us Help!

 When you use Lauren Apicella as your Registered Agent when purchasing a New Construction Home in Illinois, We will give you 1% cash back rebate (of the base sales price) back at closing!

What’s More - It is 100% Free for you and there is no obligation if you do not purchase!

For example, you purchase a $500k (base price) new construction home in Illinois. That's $5,000.00 back in your pocket!

No Matter Where You are Building in Illinois - We Can Help!

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Here are the Requirements to Qualify for the New Construction Rebate Program:

  1. You may not be represented by or be using another Realtor or Real Estate Agent.

  2. Your builder MUST be told from the beginning that you are represented by Lauren Apicella and we are your registered agent. Please reach out to me so I may contact the Builder. Many Builders will have you Fill Out a Registration Form. Lauren Apicella MUST be put on the registration Form as your Designated Agent. Even if it is the same builder, but different communities, you must register.  

  3. The total commission paid by the Builder must be at least 3%.

  4. You must qualify and close on the new construction home where Lauren Apicella is listed as the agent of record.

  5. You will be paid directly from the closing disclosure and funds will be applied toward your closing costs or down payment

  6. Only available to NEW clients

* This Rebate is based on the base sales price. Any extras and upgrades purchased on top of the base sales price do not apply to the New Construction Rebate amount.

** You must register Lauren Apicella. as your Realtor on your very first visit to the new construction communities. If you don't, we may lose the commission, therefore you lose the rebate.

*** Rebate is only paid after a successful closing by the Buyer and commission is paid to Lauren Apicella, eXp Realty.

**** It is illegal, per the Fair Housing Act, for the Builder to change the price of their home in order to negotiate the buyer's agent commission off the price of their home. (which is why it's NOT cheaper to buy a home directly from the Builder without a Realtor).

*****Please note - this is for NEW clients only.